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Casarecce with swordfish and mint

40 min. + 1 h x4


  • 400 g Casarecce
  • 400 g swordfish
  • 500 g eggplant
  • 200 g cherry tomatoes
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Mint
  • Chilli
  • Salt and pepper
  • Directions:

    Wash the eggplant, remove the top and cut into cubes. Put them in a colander, cover with coarse salt and wait for about one hour, to make them lose the excess water. Meanwhile, remove the skin of the swordfish and cut into cubes of about 1 cm. When the eggplants have released their liquid, rinse and dry with a clean cloth. In a frying pan, heat abundant oil and, when it is hot, fry the eggplant. Brown well the diced eggplant, remove them from the oil and let them dry on a paper towel. Wash the tomatoes and cut into quarters. In a large pot, fry the garlic and chilli in hot oil for a few minutes and then add the chopped tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes for a few minutes, then add the diced swordfish and eggplant and continue to cook for another 5-6 minutes. Cook the pasta in salted water, drain it “al dente” and pour immediately into the pan. Season with salt and pepper, add the mint leaves and mix well. Serve hot and garnish with a few leaves of fresh mint.