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Simple and natural ingredients for pasta produced with craft according to tradition

Tradition, love, research, quality, experience and flavor are the secrets that can be discovered tasting a plate of Pasta Fabianelli. Pasta is a food made of simple ingredients, water and durum wheat semolina, and produced through complex and balanced processes. A product that, for its manifold and profound relationship with the Italian tradition, is real culture. Pastificio Fabianelli is deeply attached to its history and to that one of the united Italy. Born in 1860 from the intuition of the master pasta makers, at the time of the “Impresa dei Mille” and of Abraham Lincoln president of the USA, Pastificio Fabianelli could not fail to convey the innovation in the art of making pasta and retain the flavors and aromas of tradition but improving, until today, the manufacturing processes and techniques.

From the heart of Tuscany, the unique and fragrant flavours of premium quality pasta

Castiglion Fiorentino and the alluvial plain of the Chiana welcomed Fabianelli’s passion for a pasta, that took their strong and genuine character. A passion that bore fruits respecting the quality of ingredients, obtained by the selection of the best durum wheat semolina, and of the consumers, ensuring good hygiene in the production. The plate of Pasta Fabianelli puts on the table the substance of its past, the scents of Tuscany, with its strong and recognizable style, the unique and fragrant flavors of a tradition that is art. The distance is very short from the plant along the railroad, where the story began, to the industrial area of Castiglion Fiorentino, where the actual production capacity is more than 1000 quintals a day, because the link with their own land and their being Tuscan is a value that Pastificio Fabianelli cannot ignore. The production, today, has an assortment of sizes, shapes and lines such to meet the needs of international customers: durum wheat semolina pasta, egg pasta, catering pasta. Fabianelli’s Group is completed and enriched by the brand Maltagliati and Pasta Toscana, a product of high quality due to the selection of high quality durum wheat farmed only in Tuscany. Pasta Toscana presents its three lines, Classic, Organic, and Whole Wheat with Omega 3.

Constant innovation and development to meet the needs of different markets

The export covers over 60% of the production with a widespread distribution to all continents, it usually requires a customization concerning the packaging, as it occurs with the production of 1-pound packages for the United States. Today Pastificio Fabianelli confirms its dynamism and its role in the market through an attitude based on the experience of its past, but always turned to the future, the innovation and the development. The value of the semolina, the bright and recognizable color, the resistance to cooking remain unchanged as its pure and genuine fragrance, which also emanates from the simplest dish.