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Semolina, free from impurities, meets the purest water to create the unique taste of Pasta Fabianelli

Pasta Fabianelli is daily produced, when the long grains of wheat, carefully sorted, meets the purest water. A manufacturing process where tradition, modernity and technology combine with strict controls, passion and attention to the details. Semolina, free from impurities, made up of a strong gluten and obtained from the best dorum wheat, is led to the plant in Castiglion Fiorentino, where it is well-controlled and stocked in the giant grain bins. Semolina is mixed with a 20-30% of water to form a lumpy dough where the gluten netwok covers the hydrated starch, in this way it will not be dispersed into the water while cooking pasta. The mixture is kneaded until it reaches the best consistency and plasticity. Then dough is forced through various shaped dies, in Teflon or bronze, conceived to calibrate the perfect thickness for every different shapes of pasta.

Slow drying process to enhance the full flavour of the wheat and the roughness of the pasta

Then the drying begins, this is the most delicate phase. According to the law, the internal moisture of pasta must be equal to 12.5%, to allow a long conservation avoiding the formation of molds or the damages of its consistence. The first part of this process concerns the surface of the products, that begins to harden and to lose half of the entire moisture. The final drying steps happened in special tanks. The drying time depends on the temperature of the oven, on the shapes of the pasta. Pastificio Fabianelli chooses a slow drying process, at a low temperature, in order to preserve the real quality of its pasta. In the final stage of drying, cooling chambers return the dried pasta to normal atmosphere conditions, then it is packed. At this moment pasta is ready to reach the sales point all over the world.