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Egg pasta

Our egg pasta is made with 6 100% Italian eggs for each kg of semolina... and all our passion. The eggs arrive at the factory a few moments before the start of the production of the dough to guarantee the absolute genuineness of the product; the semolina used is the best on the market for a product that knows how to express all its aroma, flavor and authenticity when it meets the sauce.

Tagliolini 02

250 g

Tagliatelline 03

250 g

Fettuccine 04

250/500 g

Tagliatelle 05

250 g

Pappardelle 07

250 g

Andreine 08

250 g

Lasagne all’uovo 900 (18x8cm)

500 g

Grattini 51

250 g

Filini 55

250 g

Quadrucci piccoli 66

250 g

Quadrucci grandi 67

250 g

Fiocchini 202

250 g

Funghini 204

250 g

Maltagliati 210

250 g

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Not only long shapes, our catalog is full of pasta shapes to give you the widest possible choice. Discover them all and find your favorites!

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