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A type of pasta dedicated to the taste and needs of the American market.

Elbows 1

1 lb

Angel Hair 4

1 lb

Spaghetti 6

1 lb

Fettuccine 41

1 lb

Large Shells 78

1 lb

Fusilli 82

1 lb

Rigatoni 89

1 lb

Tortiglioni 94

1 lb

Penne Rigate 98

1 lb

Penne Lisce 99

1 lb

Farfalle 201

1 lb

Discover the other ranges

Not only long shapes, our catalog is full of pasta shapes to give you the widest possible choice. Discover them all and find your favorites!

Pasta l

Long shapes

Pasta corta

Short shapes

Pasta m

Soup shapes

Pasta spec

Special shapes

Food s

Food service

Pasta uovo

Egg pasta

Non solo p

Not only pasta