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Since 4 generations the love for pasta

For over 160 years, our pasta factory has been carrying on a history of passion and experience in the production of pasta. A heritage that is reflected in the quality of our products, offering an authentic culinary experience.

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Our origins

From the heart of Tuscany, all the taste of real Italian pasta

It was 1860 when passionate pasta masters began to produce in a small laboratory in Castiglion Fiorentino, in the heart of the Valdichiana, an artisanal pasta with the best Italian durum wheat processed according to tradition. Even today, Pasta Fabianelli combines the love for the Italian culinary tradition with a wise use of raw materials of the highest quality. Thanks to the splendid sun of Tuscany and the pure water of the Apennines, which enhance the taste of our blends of Italian durum wheat semolina selected with care and experience. The result? A simple and genuine product that encompasses the quality and essence of our Tuscan land, bringing a true Italian taste to your table every day.

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A long history of love

Since 1860 in the italian tables

Since its inception, Pasta Fabianelli has followed and interpreted the evolution of italian food and lifestyles. To satisfy every palate and respond to an increasingly demanding market, thanks to the high quality of the ingredients, the rich nutritional properties and the genuineness of its pasta. Tradition, research, experience and innovation are the secrets behind a plate of pasta Fabianelli, a tuscan product that represents the essence and pride of italian culture. With over one hundred shapes, from traditionals to special ones, Pasta Fabianelli has been able to satisfy every need of consumers, in Italy and around the world, for over 160 years.

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Production process

Only pure water and 100% italian hard durum wheat semolina

The unmistakable taste of Pasta Fabianelli comes from the combination of excellent quality durum wheat semolina and water. In our plant in Castiglion Fiorentino, we carefully select the best semolina of Italian origin, which must be free of impurities and characterized by a tenacious gluten, and we store it in dedicated silos. During the kneading, we combine the semolina with the water, so that a gluten mesh is created which is able to preserve the consistency of the pasta during cooking. Through a process that combines tradition and technology, we work the dough to achieve the optimal consistency and plasticity. Finally, thanks to special dies designed and made in Teflon or bronze, we precisely calibrate the thicknesses to obtain the desired shapes.

Production process

Slow drying to enhance taste and roughness

Drying is the most delicate part of the process. By law, the pasta must reach a humidity of 12.5% to guarantee long conservation, without the risk of mold or alterations in texture. Initially, the surface layers of the pasta begin to stiffen and lose about a third of their total moisture. The final drying takes place in our specialized ovens, for a duration that can depend on the temperature, dimensions and desired format. Our choice is of a slow drying at low temperatures, to preserve the quality and taste of our products. Subsequently, the pasta is brought back to room temperature and packaged with care, ready to be distributed all over the world.

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Discover our brands

Fabianelli's world also includes the Maltagliati and Pasta Toscana brands, a superior quality pasta produced only with 100% tuscan wheat.

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