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Special shapes

Casarecce, Dischi, Mini bow ties, Tagliatelle, ttricolour fusilli... we bet you won't be able to choose just one?

Umbricelli 45

500 g

Spaghetto reale 8

500 g

Fusilli tricolore 382

500 g

Casarecce 109

500 g

Dischi 110

500 g

Farfalle 201

500 g

Fiocchini 202 - 500g

500 g

Permanente 123

500 g

Fettuccine 124

500 g

Capelvenere 125

500 g

Tagliatelle 127

500 g

Discover the other ranges

Not only long shapes, our catalog is full of pasta shapes to give you the widest possible choice. Discover them all and find your favorites!

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Special shapes

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Egg pasta

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